The Perform Pix Payment endpoint allows you to initiate a payment using a validation code (by searching a pix key before). By providing the validation code obtained from a Pix key search and specifying the payment amount and additional notes, you can process a payment transaction.

The correlation_id is an identifier that allows you to establish a correlation with your system. It is used to ensure secure payment processing without the risk of duplicate payments. In the event of system instabilities on both your end and ours, if you make a request and do not receive a response from the API for any reason, you can use the correlation_id to reconcile the payment.

The correlation_id is sent along with the payment payload via webhook. Here is an example of a webhook response that includes a correlation_id:

  "httpVerb": "post",  
  "webhookUrl": "<>",  
  "payload": {  
    "id": 98418,  
    "account_id": 1116,  
    "authentication_code": "c016ccc1-ed6b-4459-967d-aae50ffae5e8",  
    "amount": -280,  
    "status": "DONE",  
    "owner_type": "App\\Models\\PixPayment",  
    "type": "CASH_OUT",  
    "created_at": "2023-07-03T09:02:55.000000Z",  
    "performed_at": "2023-07-03T09:02:58.000000Z",  
    "performed_at_timestamp": 1688374978997,  
    "owner": {  
      "id": 82955,  
      "authentication_code": "14488c9c-327f-4212-b556-d4a3c64914cb",  
      "status": "DONE",  
      "amount": 280,  
      "end_to_end_id": "E3562431920230703090255340935da9",  
      "notes": "202307031denBiG00000000000",  
      "recipient_account_bank_ispb": "35624319",  
      "recipient_account_bank_name": "MK DIGITAL ",  
      "recipient_account_branch": "3000",  
      "recipient_account_number": "10740",  
      "recipient_account_type": "TRAN",  
      "recipient_document_number": "45749646000104",  
      "recipient_name": "BRGABE Servicos de apoio administrativos ltda",  
      "addressing_key": "c4eeb8cd-05d5-4199-a3ab-506827d859b6",  
      "addressing_key_type": "EVP",  
      "transaction_id": null,  
      "initialization_type": "DICT",  
      "correlation_id": "202307031denBiG00000000000"  
  "headers": {  
    "Content-Type": "application/json",  
    "Signature": "a4098e82a46bda1da0bd5970f3b3a350c588c6a8c16cd55c12c9d38c0bc198ec"  
  "meta": \[],  
  "tags": \[],  
  "attempt": 1,  
  "response": "SUCCESS",  
  "response_status": 200,  
  "uuid": "ecd24035-a102-47e2-adb8-e1aaeeef5a22"
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