The Create Instant Charge endpoint allows you to create a new instant charge for facilitating immediate payment transactions. Use this endpoint to generate a payment request with the required details, such as the payer's information, payment amount, description, additional information, and whether to include a QR Code for easier payment.

Request body example:

    "calendario": {
        "expiracao": "3600"
    "devedor": {
        "cpf": "01010101010",
        "nome": "João teste"
    "valor": {
        "original": 25.90
    "chave": "f59951f6-6d32-4708-be3f-73453620b227",
    "solicitacaoPagador": "Product or payment short description",
    "infoAdicionais": [
            "nome": "Product label",
            "valor": "Product name"
    "incluirQrCode": true
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