The Create Charge with Due Date endpoint allows you to create an instant charge with a specific due date. Use this endpoint to generate a charge that has an expiration date and may include additional parameters such as fines, interest, and discounts. The charge will be associated with a transaction ID (TXID) for future reference.

Request body example:

    "calendario": {
        "dataDeVencimento": "2023-01-30",
        "validadeAposVencimento": 0
    "devedor": {
        "logradouro": "Street name, 123",
        "cidade": "Sao Paulo",
        "uf": "SP",
        "cep": "84061100",
        "cpf": "66876685012",
        "nome": "Jose da Silva",
    "valor": {
        "original": 25.90,
        "multa": {
            "modalidade": "1",
            "valor": 3.00
        "juros": {
            "modalidade": "2",
            "valor": 1.00
        "desconto": {
            "modalidade": "1",
            "data": "2023-01-25",
            "valor": 5.00
    "chave": "f59951f6-6d32-4708-be3f-73453620b227",
    "solicitacaoPagador": "Product or payment short description"
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